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Ryeowook // MAMACITA Thanks To


Beloved mom and dad, thank you ^^ Super Junior members, you worked hard during the time to prepare 7jib, and I love each and everyone of you♡
Teukie hyung, I’m thankful that you are with us, though it must have been very pressuring, (to work so soon after) release from army! Hyung is really our leader~ I love you / My meal friend Heechulie hyung~ I’m thankful that you listen to my words well, and let’s continue to live together. / I miss you.. Listen to our 7jib well~ Stay well too ^^ / Yesungie hyung!!!! I hope hyung’s empty spot will be filled quickly.. Let’s work together again quickly~ Let’s meet again at Han River ㅋㅋ / KingKing! The handsomest KingKing ㅋㅋ Hyung, you know that I love you a lot right? / Donggri DongDong, I love hyung’s voice the most ㅋㅋ Let’s go for a solo song in the next album! I will try directing it. / Sungminnie hyung~! Thank you for always comforting me by my side ^^!! Let’s meet at Sukira soon ㅋㅋ / I’m happy that Hyukgu is becoming more and more handsome! Work harder ^^ Hyung, you know it, right? ㅋㅋㅋ / Donghai! I love you as much as I love Hyukgu ㅋㅋ Donghae-hyung, don’t be sad~ Let’s go again tonight!!! / Siwonnie hyung, I’m sorry .. that I only like D&E ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I love hyung a lot ♡ / Kibum-ah, come to the dorm~!! Let’s eat^^ / Kyuhyun-ah, do you like Changmin and Minho more than me?..ㅠ I love you KyuKyu ㅋㅋ / Super Junior M Zhou Mi hyung!! I hope hyung will be very happy ^^ I love you hyung~♡ / Henry, take some care of Zhou Mi hyung! ㅋㅋ SJM maknae Henry-yah, I’m always thankful about you! / Super Junior 7jib, let’s become daebak!!!! My girlfriend, E.L.F.. I’m thankful, and I love you! ♡ It’s 7jib now~ Till everyone gathers in one place, Ryeowookie will work hard too with the name ‘Super Junior’^^ I love you. Love yourself♡ (cr) (photo credit)



all forms of shipping are disgusting and shameful



this is actually my favorite response, and the most relatable 


Super Junior Mamacita 


Bob and the deli guy.

#i had to make this just so i could watch it whenever i wanted #i just fucking love that it’s not played off like the usual gay panic joke #this rly exemplifies the humor of the show for me and why I love it so much #it’s akward and weird but never EVER mean #the important misunderstanding in this situation isn’t Bob’s sexuality; it’s the reason why he keeps buying turkeys #like he’s def more concerned that this deli guy thinks he’s not a real cook than he is about being hit on

ELF JAPAN board update - D&E at A-Nation:
今日はいよいよa-nation stadium fes.出演‼︎

a-nation stadium fes is finally held today!!
Here you can see the enthusiasm written on the back stage during rehearsal♪
Everyone who come to the venue hope you enjoy the show^_^

*Writings on the photo:
Super Junior
DH: Donghae Eunhyuk
EH: Come on!! Bring it on !! Let’s fight!!

Pic original size (800x600) : here