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yo you wanna smash some bros?

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@AllRiseSilver: Is there a way to cure a cold sore in one try? Not a common method like albothyl, but a new method you’ve tried yourself!!!!!! (c)


i’m just going to leave this here

Happy 6th Anniversary IU! I am so proud to be a uaena, am so proud to have you as my role model, and am so proud that you have made it this far into your career. You have never disappointed me when it comes to your music or more importantly, your character. You deserve every success you’ve had so far, and the many more that are to come. Thank you so much for pursing music and for existing, I can’t express it enough. Let’s go on for another 6 years okay? I love you! #6yearswithIU♥

eunhyukee44: Ah, throat hurts (c)
When I came out after recording I saw our staff who became dead bodies.. Everyone have been troubled really #WonTongSun #YuJiHye (c)

@AllRiseSilver: a D&E boy fan has come to play in the practice room!!! #It`snotSJSungmin #Butt #fashionistar (x)

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